Home of Computers and Education, Fall 2008Department of Learning and Teaching, Graduate School of Education Rutgers, the State University of New JerseyInstructor: Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D.
Welcome to our working laboratory on teaching and learning with technology.

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  • 30 select technology are listed nuggets here (and thanks, all for a great semester).
  • My 45 minute talk at Michigan Virtual University (using the same "finding Leonardo" ideas) is live and posted, here.
  • Final exams are due Wednesday, December 17, 2008
  • Check out Windows 7, next version of Windows Operating System. Video of Windows 7
  • "I assumed that the virtual education included a Skype connection? There is nothing like that stern look from the teacher when the student is goofing off." (KL's journal)
  • Thanks to Dr. Robin Dickson of Michigan Virtual University for the fine webcast last week .
  • Want to learn how to turn on a Mac or set up an RSS feed? See the new videos on the Essential Technology Abilities page.
  • Have a look at Nicole's wiki and you'll learn some stuff about math.... (I sure did).
  • Can you name three differences between the iPhone and Google's phone? September 24th - James - Google’s New Grooves.ppt (hint, a QWERTY keyboard is involved).
  • Don't miss the latest edits on Finding Leonardo: Tapping the Power of Technology to Create an Education-Driven Renaissance.
  • Hey Hey Hey -- Hava Has a Blog! Have a look at this collaborative, connected, web 2.0 journal.


Fall 2008 Class members (photo by Brent's digital imaging, Inc.; equipment provided an involuntary teenager, on an 8 megapixel Canon PowerShot)

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    Just wanted to say a quick "hi" to everyone. It was nice meeting you all last night, see you next class! -Caitlin
    Why does Google call it "I feel lucky?" Shouldn't it be "first choice." It is an example of "searchenginecenricity."
    Here's the thing about the spit parties mentioned in class.... Must be nice to have an extra billion bucks...

    My last class --> Spring 2008: Computers and Instructional Strategies

    Our class is over. But this creative commons website will live on, on some spinning hard drive somewhere, as a reminder of our time together at Rutgers. If you're not a member of this exclusive group, feel free to comment or add content, in the spirit of wiki-ness. Just be kind, scholarly, professional and cite your references. Warren Buckleitner, April 29, 2008.


    Did you read Will's blog today?

    Thanks for sharing these resources! Thanks to Wikispaces for hosting this, ad-free.

    Internet Scavenger hunts for the class of Spring 2008

    Our assignment was to find and critique "six amazing sites that deal with a topic of interest to you."
    Here are the results of the students who wanted to share.

    Anne-Marie Cannon's Scavenger Hunt http://cannon.annemarie.googlepages.com/rutgers
    Hava Freidenreich's Scavenger Hunt http://footprint.ecological.googlepages.com/
    http://jroni99.googlepages.com/home Check out sites for ESL teachers and more, by John Romano.
    Jess Alessio http://jessalessio.googlepages.com/home
    Rachel Griffiths http://rmgrif.googlepages.com/rachel%27sinternetscavengerhunt
    John Malley's Scavenger Hunt http://dwebbjcc.googlepages.com/home
    Danielle Devletian's Scavenger Hunt http://ddevletian.googlepages.com/home
    Katherine Miller's Scavenger Hunt http://khmiller140.googlepages.com/katie%27sscavengerhunt
    Allen Huang's Internet Scavenger Hunt
    Patty Sondej http://pattysondej.googlepages.com/home
    Judy Leonard http://judy.lnrd.googlepages.com
    Jennifer Lancy painters brisbane
    Kelly Lamar's Scavenger Hunt http://kellywojcik.googlepages.com
    Mark NP's scavenger hunt http://scavengerhunt.tk
    Danny Kim's Scavenger Hunt http://kim.hongs84.googlepages.com
    Judith Baker's Scavenger Hunt http://BathandBeautyCenter.com
    Katherine Kaser http://katherine.kaser.googlepages.com/home
    Joyce Son http://joyceson.googlepages.com/home
    Lance Weaver http://lweav24.googlepages.com/
    John Bruce pool builders tampa dj hire melbourne
    Joe Drew http://jdrew19.googlepages.com/home
    Bridget Ellis A.B. Crimson Knights Marketing

    Mark's History Project