RSS/Aggregators: This is another technology that I had heard of, but never really considered as much. Prior to this class, I felt I was pretty Internet-savvy, yet I was not engaging in the new tools being put out there. I did however have an iGoogle page setup, which at the time I did not know was actually an aggregator for RSS feeds. The name RSS really says it all, ‘Real Simple Syndication.’ It saves me so much time being able to glance over a page and see all the headlines of a variety of sites that I would normally have to visit individually. This process allows me to invest my time more meaningfully. As the shift in Internet technology has been to make everything more efficient and easier, RSS feeds are an essential concept to understand.

To insert an RSS feed in this page, here's what I did:

STEP 1. Go to an aggregator (in this case Delicious) and pick a source such as Will Richardson's RSS feeds.

STEP 2. Now you want to display the contents of the aggregator (the tagged pages) in YOUR page, blog, wiki or school website. In order to do this, I used wikispaces "EMBED WIDGET" utility (the icon that looks like a TV). I pasted in the URL of the feed ( to get the results.