"Blogs were the first thing that we read about and what got me to change how I think about technology and web tools. I had heard of blogs before, but never really considered using them. I did not see the need for a blog in my life and just did not see myself using one. But after reading Richardson’s book, I was enlightened to the idea of its applicability in the classroom. Blogs are a great way to share ideas and continue the conversation outside of the classroom. They give all students a chance to speak and let their voice be heard. It enables an interaction where people can connect to others and share ideas, that normally wouldn’t. In a social studies classroom I see blogs as being a regular homework assignment, giving students a chance to respond to readings or share their thoughts on what is being covered in class."

Blogging Tools: Please fill in Blogging tools you've used, and list strengths and weaknesses

Blogger: (Google's blogging tool) is a free, easy to use blogging tool that might be your best place to start.
Word Press:
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