Demonstration Products

Here are some products that are available for demonstrations, available on a first come/first served basis. Note that not all of these products are "good." It is up to you to assess the specific strengths and weaknesses of each product.

If you have a specialized knowledge of a product or service THAT YOU THINK THE CLASS NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT (yep, I'm shouting), please choose that. Time is very limited, so lets use it well. Show what you know.

Please ask Warren if you want a copy of any of the products, below.
You are responsible for installing, uninstalling and returning all the materials to Warren by the end of our class:


Crazy Machines 2 (Viva Media, Windows)
Creativity Express (Madcap Logic, for Windows or Mac) a visual creativity tutorial
ConceptDraw Project 4 and MindMap 5, Vs. Inspiration (Mac or Windows)
Claymation Studio 2.0 (Windows Vista, Honestech)
Timeliner XE (Tom Snyder Productions/Scholastic, Windows/Mac) for creating timelines
Tag Reading System (Leapfrog) Be prepared to show the online component.
Know Your USA (Edware, Windows)
Me2 (Requires a Windows browser)
Start Editing Now! (DVD series teaching on editing video)
eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method (Win/Mac, eMedia) -- a piano tutorial.