Google-lizing Your School: A One-Page Internet Textbook on Google Features for Busy Educators

Whether you’re a teacher, administrator or curious third grader, Google can make you smarter, faster. Or at least it can help you can appear to be smarter. So it makes sense to take a few minutes to learn a few of Google's tricks. This page was my virtual handout for a one day inservice given on January 30, 2008 for the Rutgers GSE CESP. Teacher trainers, feel free to use and improve upon it.

FROM A SPRING 2008 FINAL EXAM: Google: This nugget is very general, I know, because the name Google stands for so much nowadays. They have put their research and development into just about every aspect of the Internet. Google comes out with things I need, before I ever realize I need them. They seem to be keeping just a few steps ahead of everyone right now, and the growth of their name and reputation serves as proof. From their humble beginnings, they have evolved into a company that thrives on innovation and even have new verbs named with them in mind. Who would have thought from their start that, “Just Google it,” would have become such a common phrase. I like so many of the tools that Google puts out. Since this class I have started to explore what else they have to offer and even check Google Labs from time to time to see what they’ve been working on. I regularly use, Gmail, Gchat, Google search, Google Books, Google Docs, and the list could really go on but those are just the main ones. I can only imagine and I know this list will continue to grow for me as I venture to check out more and incorporate it into my daily online experience.