Predicting the Future of Educational Technology: Links and Resources for Future Exploration

If you could dial a time machine back to 1958 (the year I was born), B.F. Skinner would be putting the final touches on his Teaching Machine. Nobody can actually predict the future, but when you look at commercial products as the individual “dots,” and apply the lens of a classroom teacher, a more accurate vision for the future of schooling begins to crystallize. In his talk Buckleitner will show how the technology-driven educational changes predicted by Skinner and others are starting to happen and offers hints of where the future might lead.

The link to the "eyePhone" is here:

I've posted many of the vidoes from this talk in my YouTube channel:

Twenty Leonardo da Vincis? It Could Happen if Educators Used Technology Like Taiwanese Architects

Teachers -- What if a young Leonardo da Vinci was sitting in the third row, toward the back? In this article -- about using technology to tap the power of giftedness, I argue that the odds of finding this level of celebrated intellectual power are approximately 20 to 1 due to population growth. Read the entire article here.

Bookmarks Related to This Presentation

    Eyre, H.L.(2007). Keller’s Personalized System of Instruction: Was it a Fleeting Fancy or is there a Revival on the Horizon?The Behavior Analyst TodayTM Volume 8, No. 3, 317-324.

    The wikipedia entries on all the "old guard" of educational theory are very useful, such as this one on Dewey.