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  • “Technology is an upsetting force in the field of education.” - W.B. in class 2/5/08
  • “When you give good people good technology, good things happen.” - W.B. on numerous occasions in class
  • “The bad news is that the Read/Write Web threatens to make these differences between teachers and learners even more acute. Whereas students are open to the ways of new technologies, schools by and large are not.” - Will Richardson p. 7 in the text
  • “When today’s students enter their post-education professional lives, odds are pretty good that they will be asked to work with others collaboratively to create content for diverse and wide-ranging audiences. Compare that to an educational system that, by and large, asks those same students to work independently for a very narrow audience (usually the teacher who gives the grade) and the disconnect becomes painfully clear.” - Will Richardson p. 126 in the text
  • “If you turned off the computers in air-traffic, planes would crash and people would die. The same is true in hospitals and health care. In education, however, it is sad to say that turning off the computers in the classroom would have little to no effect. Education needs to build a Taipei 101." - W.B. in class 4/8/08
  • “The teachers are totally clueless. They really have no idea what’s going on.” - Sarah Buckleitner in response to a question asked about students using cell phones at Hunterdon Central; in class on 3/25/08