Social Bookmarking: I had recently discovered the social bookmarking site, Digg, and found it incredibly useful. Before this class I was simply using it to see what stories and websites were popular, which was making my browsing more efficient and meaningful. Not long into the course I had become inspired to further investigate the power of social bookmarking sites, such as Digg. I signed up and became a member of the site. I started contributing and being part of this online community. There would be a comments page for each article or webpage that was ‘dugg’ and before this I wouldn’t normally concern myself with it, but now I was inspired to discuss the content of the article. Social bookmarking sites bring together users that have a common interest and provide a forum for a sometimes intelligent debate on this content. I use this tool everyday and will continue to do so. My only fear is that I have become too addicting to it where it can really consume a lot of my free time.