Plastic Logic's "Thin Reader"

A current events presentation based on a CNET based on an article at the DEMO event. Made in Germany.

It is the size of a regular 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper.
Other features include:
• a virtual keyboard
• eInk
• Wireless technology (but blogs say that it does not yet have Wi-Fi).
• It can support a variety of open source formats, including PDF and Microsoft Reader. The Kindle requires material.
• Has micro USB and BlueTooth
• has a touch screen! Sweeet!
• could show sheet music (so orchestras cold have these on their music stands!)

What does it mean for education?

  • Could be the endless textbook!
  • Heavy backpacks could be obsolete.
  • Could be the future of publishing!


This could be a great thing. The thin reader might be a better transition from traditional print. A color screen would be nice (one is coming in 3-5 years). Also there's no backlight (so no reading under the covers). But you could clip a traditional book light on it. Could save paper and trees....Details are