All you ever wanted to know about remote lectures.

"When I spoke with one of my students this past week about bringing an author that we were studying into the classroom, he was so overwhelmed that he was at a loss for words. “…you can do that???” he sputtered out. I explained to him that I was going to try, and that I didn’t mean physically bring the author in, but bring the author via computer, as we did in class with Mitchel Resnick. Before the end of the day, my student was bragging to any other students that he could find to listen to him, that “our author” might be going to talk to us- imagine that, an author of a book speaking to us! I laughed all day at the student’s excitement, proud that he was so caught up in feeling special. And in thinking about this excitement, and the powerful nature of technology, I was pretty overwhelmed too." (student journal).